What To Expect

What to expect

This is your first time.  We understand your time is important - and so is ours. We like to start on time and finish on time.  Please arrive early to fill out our "waiver liability & release form", so we may know just a little bit about you, your goals, and expectations before we get started on the session.  

Please come prepared.  You must be wondering what is the proper attire for this: Just regular t-shirt, shorts, sweats, or yoga pants.  We want you to be comfortable.  

Initial Consultation

The demo session is about 30-45 minutes, depending on the client's response to stretches.   During this time, it is important we converse with our clients, and the more relaxed they are, the easier it would be for us to provide a better experience.

What we are going to do is start with a bit of a warm up.  Here, we are looking for the body's natural range of motion; where it starts and where it stops.  We explain everything we do in the session, and the more comfortable the client is, the better experience it will be for them.

What happens next?

After your first initial assessment & stretch demonstration, you will learn a lot about your body, and for most clients, it is a "eye-opener" experience for them. 

Feel like this is for you?  Please let us know when you'd like schedule your first visit!


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